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    Make money with visitors from all over the world to maximize your income.

7,460 Happy Customers Over 1.5 years...

What some of our happy clients have to say about us:

I use Zapunited Ads on 7 of my websites and have been paid out thousands. Their banners really fit well with my site and I am happy to recommend them to others. I love how easy it is to customize options of the ads to fit any size and their overall look on my sites.

Neil Pearson
Pheonix, USA

Since we started using Zapunited.com for advertising our online invoicing software invoiceberry we have gained a lot of new paying customers. The ad network offers a great return-on-investment for us. We can only recommend you give them a try!

Uwe Dreissigacker
London, UK

We have just started advertising with Zapunited and already we love it. Their network is an excellent platform to promote our services and you can also earn some good bucks as a publisher.

Stanley Stephen

How it Works?

We offer opportunities for website owners and publishers to carry targeted advertisements and hence monetizing their site alongside opportunities for advertisers to get their advertisement in front of the target audience quickly, inexpensively and effectively.

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